Reasons Why You Should Run Your Own Mac Server

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Many people wonder if it makes any sense to run your own Mac server at home in this day and age of streaming movies and 100 Mbps internet lines. For most people, the answer may be a no. They do not need a Mac server at home.

But for a few others, a Mac server is exactly what they need to share content between different devices at home. Even now, there are areas which suffer from spotty internet connections.

Many people think a server needs to be thing giant rack of spinning wheels. But for home usage, you do not need that kind of setup.

There are many reasons why a server at home would make perfect sense. We will try to list a few such reasons.

  1. It can be a portal.

Imagine this, you are travelling abroad and you need a few files that you left on your home machine. If you were running a Mac server, you could simply use your Remote login or (SSH) and a secure FTP service to browse your home device and retrieve it to your nearest device.

You can also use the same server to create an encrypted tunnel to route your data between your device and the internet. This would be especially useful when you are travelling and have suspicious Wi-Fi networks.

  1. All the media, in one place

Admit it. We all have terabytes worth of media at home. Connecting all that to a Mac server will enable you to access it across your iDevices. Things like audiobooks may not be stored in the iCloud library. But you can access it via iTunes Home Sharing.

  1. It won’t cost a lot

To set up a Mac server, you don’t really need to buy that expensive server machine. Even an old Mac that is collecting dust in your attic can be turned into a server. You can use your old iMac, Mac mini or even a laptop to run as a server.

  1. Control

Today almost all services are cloud-based. Even storing is slowly shifting to the cloud. This is all good, especially if you are constantly moving. But one big problem with almost all cloud-based services is the lack of control. A lot is out of your control. With a Mac server, things are in your hand. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, you have to fix it or pay someone to fix it.

  1. Familiarity

If you are used to the Apple ecosystem, Mac server will be an easy way to share your content at home. Once set up, it stays that way and you don’t have to worry about things like antivirus since a Mac is more protected than Windows OS.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages of running your own little server. So dust-up that old device and update it to the latest OS version. And then you are ready to set up your own Home based Mac server.

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